ATS ELGi Launches Vehicle Sterilization Solutions -Assuring every customer of a worry-free, clean, safe, in-vehicle environment

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Bengaluru, : ATS ELGi, India’s leading garage equipment manufacturer and distributor and a subsidiary of Elgi Equipments Limited, a global supplier of compressed air solutions, has launched its new range of vehicle sterilization solutions. The Ozone Air Sterilizer, uses ozone (a natural form of activated oxygen) to eliminate bacteria, virus, moulds, allergens, odours and harmful pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ensuring a safe and clean in-vehicle environment for small passenger cars, sedans, SUV’s, commercial vehicles- SCV/LCV/HCV driver cabins and even ambulances

While the lockdowns recede and people begin the transition to their daily work schedules, the general perception points to people assuming that there is a low risk of contamination in a car or vehicle due to enclosed spaces. However, studies reveal that a four-wheeler is a bigger fomite, i.e. more likely to carry infection. Vehicle interiors comprising of several high- touch surfaces, AC units and even the low- contact parts such as the headliner, headrest and window glasses must be sanitized to ensure the vehicle is free from pollutants.

According to Mr. Praveen Tiwari, Managing Director, ATS ELGi, “This is indeed an unprecedented time; while many of us are presently indoors 24/7 due to the lock down, containing the spread of COVID – 19 will be critical as we get back to our routines and work schedules. At ATS ELGi, we have endeavored to build a range of solutions that provide each of our customers with a clean and safe in-vehicle environment. Leading the pack is the Ozone Air Sterilizer demonstrating our commitment to innovation and ensuring a smooth transition to the post-pandemic world.”

The team at ATS ELGi offers the Ozone Air Sterilizer as an easy-to-use machine; compact, portable and requiring zero maintenance and consumables.

Disinfecting a mid-size car or a commercial vehicle cabin ranging from SCV, LCV to HCV is possible in approximately 10 minutes, while an SUV or a van would complete the process in 20 minutes. The ozone air sterilizer uses 12V DC current via the vehicle battery to transform natural air or normal O2 molecules into ozone or O3 molecules, thereby nullifying the need for additional chemicals or disinfectants which might be harmful or leave behind a residue.

Please do reach out to 1800-425-3544 toll-free, or [email protected] to learn more.

In the weeks ahead and as we move to a post COVID world, ATS ELGI will be launching several innovative solutions focusing on sanitizing public places, super markets, shopping malls, cinemas, and even airports and railway stations. Also on the anvil, are solutions for disinfecting vehicle exteriors spanning two wheelers, passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles, i.e., buses and trucks. 


ATS ELGI is the largest manufacturer and distributor of automotive service equipment in India. With a “one stop shop” approach, it offers the widest range of garage equipment in the country. A close partnership with automotive OEMs, authorized OEM workshops and private garages contributes to its profound understanding of the vehicle servicing business for 6 decades. ATS ELGI partners with global market leaders in automotive servicing equipment complimenting its strengths in R&D and manufacturing. With its widespread network across India and presence across international markets, ATS ELGI has the reach and coverage to support customers, at every stage of the product’s life cycle. ATS ELGI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elgi Equipments Limited, a global player in the air compressor business. For further information on the organization and its products, please visit

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